Re: Maps

Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2000 11:44:03 EDT

Nick Eden:

<< I am completely mystified by the point of the Pamaltelan Myth Maps
recently spotlighted on the site. Can anyone explain?>>

     They're maps of Pamaltela as it used to be at various points prior to the Dawn. The concept at least seems fairly clear, although an understanding of the mythology is needed to really see what they're on about. The primary intended use (I presume) is for travelling while on heroquests: "You visit Orlanth's Tula in the Storm Age, then leave it and travel north - this is what you find".

<< Would they make more sense if they were Genertelan, where we at least know
the mythology? >>

     Probably. I am rather puzzled at why the Pamaltelan and Vithelan map sets were the first ones to be done for general release, though. Greg has hand-drawn myth maps for central Genertela and the Malkioni, and presumably these will be converted at some point - when they are, hopefully the two obscure sets that they chose to do first will make a lot more sense!

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