the straight dope on the myth maps

From: Steve Lieb <>
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2000 21:17:26 -0500

> Nick Eden:
> << Would they make more sense if they were Genertelan, where we at least
> the mythology? >>
>TTrotsky: Probably. I am rather puzzled at why the Pamaltelan and
Vithelan map
> sets were the first ones to be done for general release, though. Greg has
> hand-drawn myth maps for central Genertela and the Malkioni, and
> these will be converted at some point - when they are, hopefully the two
> obscure sets that they chose to do first will make a lot more sense!

Then again, staring reality square in the face, I could suggest: 1) when I first discussed the mapping work with Greg (as most projects, starting at an almost entirely different context, but drifting to what was needed) the next reasonable synchronicity we could find with the Myth of the Month schedule was that Vithela and the Eastern Myths were to be the next featured, so that's what I worked on. I thought Pamaltela would be the next, so that was the next set (after an admittedly too long hiatus - blame real life for interfering).
2) IMO the focus of HW/RQ 1-3 were of course Genertela. Therefore, I personally guess that it's needful that the mythmaps for that cultural region be the 'tightest' with the in- and out-of-print material out there, neccessitating a little longer to get the line drawings finalized. The least integrated would be the East and South, so those were the ones I got first.

I just hope they look ok!

My $.02.

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