Julian Lord, one last time

From: Julian Lord <julian.lord_at_wanadoo.fr>
Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2000 06:57:24 +0200

Peter Larsen :

> >The "laws" of Glorantha do not, then, resemble the laws of
> >mathematics ; indeed they *cannot* resemble them.
> Sure they can, as I keep explaining (any internally consistant
> system works, after all).

Therein your confusion. While the idea that Glorantha has internally consistent laws is, of course, quite defensible ; the actual laws that really *do* govern Glorantha are the external laws of MGF.

MGF does not resemble mathemetics.

> It's the structure, not the contents, that I'm complaining about.

But the structure that you want is an internal one ; therefore, it is itself a *content* of Glorantha, and subject to the external whim of its creators.

> >Thankfully, it is a literature that contains many, many explanations ...
> For this sun thing?


> I spent the last
> decade working in a bookstore that, among other things, sold comics. I was
> never even able to make sense of the X-men portion of the Marvel Universe,
> and I had several helpful fans assisting me.

Whoops ! I sympathise, and take back the offending remark. I apologise.

Julian Lord

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