Training Broos

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2000 21:53:00 +1300

David Dunham:

>DD> > Surely the Lunar philosophers
> > >take just-hatched broo larvae and give them a proper upbringing, i.e.
> > >turning them from wolves to dogs. (Or in Glorantha, back to the
> > >primal broo before they became corrupted.)

>DD> I don't think Lunars can do this and it would be a negation of
> > their philosophy in any case.

>I assume you mean it doesn't work -- they remain of broo nature.

Your use of "before they became corrupted" implied to me that the Lunars seek to remove the Chaos Taint. Not only is that canonically impossible but by extension, it would be akin to the goddess removing her experiences in hell rather than using them to become illuminated.

>Clearly it's possible to raise a broo and teach it manners, etc.

Oh certainly. With lots of luck, they can even become perfectly house-trained.

>Given the number of philosophies extant in the Lunar Empire, I'm not
>sure why it'd negate all of them.

A philosophy extant the Lunar Empire <> Lunar philosophy.

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