Re: Yelorna Cult & Parody

From: John Hughes <>
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 20:17:18 +1000

Ian Thomson:

> I'd be delighted if the proclaimer of this (John Hughes?) would send me
> constructive criticisms of why he considers my Yelorna Cult (at
> a parody (presuming that he does)

I wasn't aware of Ian's recent Yelorna writeup when I made the comments about Yelorna Starbringer and parody, and so I apologise if I've inadvertently given any offense. I was thinking of the original early eighties RQ writeup - so someone entirely different (Steve Perrin?) should be offended. :) Having seen seen some of Ian's recent Pavis work (YBOT 3 - a must have) I've no doubt that the HW Yelorna is to his usual high standards.

I'm quite fond of the Goddess and the ideas behind her, and at the time her cult provided a much needed window for female players that is now filled by Vinga and others. But the idea of a whole tribe of crinolene-wrapped virgins riding phallic horses with horns had just a little too much soft-lens seventies male fantasy about it for my roleplaying group - hence my original comments. My recollections are coloured by the group's reaction - our (mid-to-late eighties) Pavis campaign had a (female player) Yelornan character, and she used to play this up mercilessly. Looking back of course its not untypical of a lot of fantasy literature of the time - something else that has changed over the years.

The time is obviously right for Yelorna, like the ducks before her, to transcend the limitations of origin to become a fully-realised and absolutely serious (even twagic) three-dimensional addition to the Lozenge.

I suspect a lot of this has already happened with the additional work by Jane and now Ian.

[Offscreen conversation with my wife Pip, also a (Lunar) veteran of said Pavis campaign: Did that help? No? Oh well. Putting my foot *right* in it? Yeah, I guess you're right. Can you read the duck paragraph aloud and keep a straight face? Me neither. Hold on, I'll delete the bit about quack-foo and Hueymakt. Better? What do you mean, guilt by association?!?!! Yeah, I know, I *really* owe Ian a favour now.]

Of course, as someone who has suggested the purchase of a food processor as a marriage quest for burly Orlanthi (Thanks Peter Lawson :)) any chatter from me about parody should necessarily be taken with a grain of salt, a case of the kettle calling the sampo bronze.


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