Myth as politics

From: Michael Cule <>
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 12:24:27 +0100

>So, in this analysis:
>Yelm: Emperor/aristocracy of a Solar Empire
>Orlanth: King/aristocracy of subject storm people
>The contests: Conflict and victory of aristocracyking of storm people
>over solar people aristocracy/Emperor
>Storm Age: period of freedom for Orlanthi after empire collapse
>(probably when they went looting a lot)
>Great Darkness: Troubles caused in Orlanthi realm from empire collapse
>(bigger bad guys muscle in)
>LBQ: Restoration of Imperial authority by Orlanthi.
>Elmal: Mythic representation of solar people who defected to rule by
>storm king/aristocracy during "storm age".
>Yelmalio: Mythic representation of above solar people politically and
>religiously distancing themselves from the Orlanthi.
>Any thoughts on this way to look at Gloranthan myth?

Yes. If I wanted to be obvious I would observe that the current political situation reflects the supposed 'pre-Dawn' situation very strongly.

If I wanted to be subtle I'd go for a cosmology in which Glorantha is tied in a time loop and the 'myths' of the pre-Dawn are merely memories of the cataclysm in which the last time cycle died. The end of a cycle is approaching and Argrath really is Orlanth and will be remembered as such after the next Collapse and rebirth of the Universe. - --
Michael Cule

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