RE: Gods and Truth

From: Phil Hibbs <>
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 00:07:11 +0100

>Wait. Yelm doesn't know who he's married to? If the gods cannot
>give clear answers about their own myths, who does know?

Without wishing to decide whether or not you are misunderstanding Peter, lets take this point literally. The "myths" are a mortal interpretation of the divine world, so maybe the god doesn't know their own myths. They know what their existence is like, but this doesn's map 1:1 to the mundane world. It may seem at times that you get contradictory answers from the deity. You may well ask Yelm "Are you the Sun that I can see in the sky", and actually get a "no" answer. If you asked the question in Dark Season, when the sun according to DH mythology is Yelmalio, and Yelm is dead during winter, for example. I'm not saying that, it's just an example off the top of my head. It may however be true in some places, or at some times.

As to "I think we're going around in circles, and I get the strong feeling that I'm boring the rest of the list", I don't think so - I haven't seen anything excessively circular, and I've found the whole debate much more thought provoking this time round. I used to call myself a "hidden variable objectivist" (shamelessly stolen), but I'm not sure the title is entirely accurate now.


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