Re: The Man Who Would Be Duck Reducks

Date: Tue Oct 3 07:19:10 2000

>Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 15:32:21 +0100
>From: "Toerag" <>
>Subject: Re: The Man Who Would be Duck
>Finally, a conversation at my level of understanding!
>I've felt like a pre-schooler lost in a PhD seminar for the most part.
>Surely the way for a human to become a duck is to make the same mistakes
>again as the originals.
>1. Refuse to enter the fight against chaos.
>2. Get up everyone's noses.
>3. Get cursed for 1.
>The only task now is to find who cursed them the first time, and try to
>discover why all lunars aren't ducks!

Because they're not made out of wood...

Now that leads to an interesting thought: In order to become a Duck, one must first be turned into a Newt[ling] (or at least perform a Newtling ritual). Then it must "get better", possibly via a Chalana Arroy ritual. Finally, one must become, in some sense, an Elf ( ie be "Made of Wood" ), and acquire powers from Cragspider ( "it's a Witch!").    

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