Re: Truth & Proof

Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 12:42:40 +0100

>> The material world is the convergence of the six otherworlds
>>(mystic, sorcerous, theistic, animist, celestial, underworld).

>There is no mystic otherworld,

It refutes it's own existence fairly effectively.

>the underworld is an intersection of the
>animist, theist and sorcerous ones and I
>though the celestial world was mainly a theist
>thing? Then there is the draconic otherworld...

OK, draconic = above, void = below, east = ... where does Vith live? Or should I give up on the cubic intersection model? Like any model, I'm aware that it isn't Gloranthan Reality, it merely represents it in certain ways, and I think is still a useful explanation of how it appears to work, with the different "otherworlds" asserting their conflicting truths over the geographic regions.

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