Gamesmaster, Gods and truth

From: Mike Dawson <>
Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2000 11:27:49 -0400

on 9/29/00 12:40 AM, From: Julian Lord <> Subject: Gods and truth m wrote:

> Mystic, he say : self-knowledge and self-delusion transitory and false both.
> Anti-gods not know Truth ! Truth lies in Void. Transcend the Veils !
> The sorceror says : only God has True knowledge of our nature, and the
> 'gods' you worship are but False Demons. The Truth is in the Abiding Book ;
> but even so, we will only understand the Truth if we become deserving of God,
> and He decides to reveal His splendour to us. Our self-knowledge is but the
> shadow of a shadow. Place your Trust in Malkion, my son...
> The animist perhaps agrees with you.
> "The" theist : which religion are we discussing here ? ;-)

And there is one more viewpoint that is, if you'll excuse me, transcendant over these four.

The Gamesmaster thinks to himself: All the material of Glorantha has been presented to the world as a jumble of self-contradiction that apparantly denies One Truth on its face. This is the only way that I may decide on the nature of the One Truth for my game. Thus, Issaries Inc and my fellow GMs may share the largest part of the creation of a world, leaving me to decide details of the True Nature of my personal Glorantha.

Certainly, most GMs don't consider such questions. Too bad. To steal from Plato: "The unexamined game is not worth playing."

I have enough trouble keeping my players out of the future timelines as published already. I want the presence of Argrath, the nature of Pavis, the Troll Ice Flood Conspiracy, the Rise of Sartar to come as shocks and surprises to them. And when they, many years from now, quest deeply into the realms of the gods for answers to questions of Ultimate Reality, I want there to be Big Revelatory Surprises.

This is the only way I could keep looking seriously at Gloranthan contradiction. There is a Higher, Ultimate Truth in MY Glorantha. There should be one in YOUR Glorantha. But they won't be the same, and they won't EVER be contradicted by published material.

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