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<< From: Steve Lieb <>  Subject: Foolishly entering the Glor Weather discussion >>

Keith: even more foolishly, but an Enlishman so duty bound to discuss it. Tradition demands!

Since we have of late quoted consideralbe Monty Python recently I am reminded of the 'when I were young....' sketch. 'Where I live it is so cold that Kelvin got his ideas for absolute zero sitting in our front room...we roast ice cubes at gas mark five t get a drink of iced water.. etc etc.'

I have to agree with Alex about the warmness of Steve Lieb's Glorantha. I think most people imagine Glorantha to be a bit like where they live, with extremes like the weather extremes they have actually encountered. I was personally surprised about the cold winters in KODP thinking (from most illos.) that it was warmer most of the time. I imagine Fronela to be mildly Northern Germany/Poland, as another example.

Keith N

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