Re: Gamesmaster, Gods and truth

From: Alex Ferguson <>
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 21:04:54 +0100 (BST)

Mike Dawson:
> Certainly, most GMs don't consider such questions. Too bad. To steal from
> Plato: "The unexamined game is not worth playing."

Socrates, surely. (Unless they've been stealing from each other, again.)

> I have enough trouble keeping my players out of the future timelines as
> published already. I want the presence of Argrath, the nature of Pavis, the
> Troll Ice Flood Conspiracy, the Rise of Sartar to come as shocks and
> surprises to them. And when they, many years from now, quest deeply into the
> realms of the gods for answers to questions of Ultimate Reality, I want
> there to be Big Revelatory Surprises.

Absolutely. What he said. I'd quote more and agree with it too, except for my small residual regard for Rule #1.

Not that I think we should be exactly setting "Determine the nature of Ultimate Reality in Your Glorantha" as homework questions for the neophyte GM, mind you. Unless we allow them 30 or 40 years to submit their work, and give generous credit for partial solutions, at least.


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