Cold Enough for Ya?

From: Gary R Switzer <>
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 14:31:48 -0700

Alex Ferguson replies to Steve Lieb:

>> Arolanit, Castle Coast: S.Calif
>> Seshnela: S.Louisiana (bayou) - although considering the ocean currents,
>> Olympic Peninsula would be more accurate
>> Maniria: Hardwood subtropical, much like Alabama. SW Georgia

>These all sound to me to be a touch too warm.

Your local news must not have covered last winter in the South, then, where large Southern Pines were shattering due to the extreme cold.

And didn't we decide at some point that the nonsense of Fronela included Musk Oxen? Sadly they seem to not have made the cut into AR.

Gary R Switzer
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