Objective reality

From: Mikko Rintasaari <rintasaa_at_mail.student.oulu.fi>
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 01:54:48 +0300

:Simon Hibbs wrote thusly (regarding my post)

:If you are familiar with ral world philosophy, you will know that there
:are no objectively provable moral truths or philosophical statements.
:Yet human beings are instinctively moral beings and act in a moral
:context. Why should this be any less true in Glorantha? You are demanding
:that Glorantha be more simplistic, less complex and ultimately flawed
:in ways that the real world is not. Why? Just to make life easy for you
:in running your campaign?

Wait a tension-popping-minute here. I never meant anything about moral or even ethical truths. Morals and ethics are complex and largely subjective topics, and most deliciously so in Glorantha.

What I want to know is the metaphysics. Physics of Glorantha, if you will. I wan't to know as much as I can about the underlying reality under the myths and the mostali theories.

I think the ultimate reality of Glorantha is impossible for a mortal (or immortal) Gloranthan to understand. The belief systems of Gloranthan religions and cultures are valuable (and not flawed) in that they offer a working model for the people to interact and make sense of the world around them.

I as the GM, still need to understand what makes Glorantha tick behind the scenes. I need to know both things, the belief system of the individual and the underlying mechanics of Gloranthan reality.

I definitely don't need a book to tell me that "The Lunars are EVIL, because using chaos is always evil" or "The Orlanthi are evil because they think violence is a valid way to solve problems". Glorantha has a rich tapestry of cultures, each with their own morals and ethichs, and this is a great thing.

[A friend of mine runs a great campaign in the world of Kulthea (Shadow World). As it is originally a RM campaign world the books spout nonesense of GOOD and EVIL, but to my great joy our GM doesn't try to run it so. Using Unlife does not make one evil, nor are Essaense users automatically any better. No culture defines themselves as evil, and not that many individuals either]

:Oh heck.... You're not one of those people who believes that their
:worldview is objectively true in the real world are you? If so, this
:discussion is pretty much over before we start.

I'm a great believer in holism and coherentism. My worldview is in a constant state of development. I strive to make myself better, and I definitely don't think I hold absolute truths.

        -A philosophical Adept

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