Re: Truth & Proof & otherworlds

Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 13:35:30 +0100

Nils: > >>There is no mystic otherworld,
Phil: > >It refutes it's own existence fairly effectively.
Nils: > :-)

I thought you might like that one.

> OK, draconic = above


I seem to remember something from the Secret History of Sun County session at C2K about Windwhistler being the "guardian of above" at the Old Sun Dome, what was that all about again? Nick? MOB?

> , void = below,

Where does that put the threeways intersecting Underworld?

Where does that one come from?

I also see the physical Glorantha as a layered elemental trifle:

The Void
Darkness, the first element

Air is the odd one out, not in creation sequence. Umath broke the cosmic order by tearing sky and earth apart and inserting himself in between, thereby introducing chaos into the perfect world. That's why the Orlanthi have a big big problem with chaos, because it's their father's fault.

The Void is the nothingness that the world sprang from, and is the reason why the underworld is such a depressing place.

Dragons, being the opposite of void (they are everything as opposed to nothing) belong naturally at the top. Hence the Sun Dragon, due to the proximity of the sky to the "draconic otherworld", or "draconic influence on Glorantha" if you don't like "otherworld" in a draconic or mystic context.

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