Re: Truth & Proof & otherworlds

From: Alex Ferguson <>
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 18:02:29 +0100 (BST)

Philip.Hibbs (and Nils.W):
> > , void = below,
> Where does that put the threeways intersecting Underworld?
> Where does that one come from?

It's a bit of a hack to explain how the "Four Worlds" view is right, even when it's wrong (vis trolls "mixing" magic systems). Ugly as it is, it serves the useful purpose of reminding how precise, elegant and "objectively correct" that view is. (i.e., not very much at all.)

> Dragons, being the opposite of void (they are everything as opposed to
> nothing) belong naturally at the top. Hence the Sun Dragon, due to the
> proximity of the sky to the "draconic otherworld", or "draconic influence
> on Glorantha" if you don't like "otherworld" in a draconic or mystic
> context.

For me, the Dragonic is the middle. But it's not identical with the Inner World, just to be confusing, of course. The up and down directions both have draconic connotations, I think, but then again, doesn't everything... Those two especially though, I think of as a pair of opposed draconic principles.

The above can be read as vague thoughts about Kralori philosophy, vague thoughts about newtish philosophy, vague thoughts about any other given draconic philosophy, or all of the above/none of the above.

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