Me? Surprised?

Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 16:58:38 EDT

<< Me: >personally surprised about the cold winters in KODP thinking (from most
>illos.) that it was warmer most of the time.

David D:
<< I thought we got it about right, >>

I wasn't saying you got it wrong, I just hadn't really thought of it much, and when I did it was not as wintery as KODP.  

 <<BTW, I'm not sure what "most illos" you're referring to -- there  aren't that many that depict snow.>>

That's the point really - not many depicting snow. Lots of seventies style fantasy figures with big collars and funny boots. In the boardgame there is an event 'rain' but no event 'snow'. It all added up to give me an impression of a slightly warmer place.  

I am happy to believe Sartar is a bit chilly. I am not as keen on the overcast drizzly chill of some peoples visions, prefering my Glorantha to be very bright and sunny or very stormy and dramatic.

Just IMO,

Keith N

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