Apple growing

From: Mikko Rintasaari <>
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 01:54:58 +0300

: Benedict Adamson wrote thusly

:IIRC, in the RW, apple growing was a late invention of civilization
:(? Roman). Because it depends on grafting (?), which is not an
:immediately obvious way of growing a tree (?).
:So how is in Glorantha? Do eating-apple trees grow from
:eating-apples? Or are they grafted?

This is a bit muddled.

Grafting is used to get a consistent breed of apple, an interesting form of cloning infact.

Apples do reproduce quite like any other tree. All you have to do to get an apple tree, is to plant a seed. Seed grown appletrees have had their genes shuffled about by sexual reproduction and the taste of the apples varies widely.

If you like the apples of a given tree, you can take a small branch of the tree, cut the top off a sapling, and join them. You get the roots of the sapling, but the branches and the rest of the tree (including apples) will be a clone of the tree whose apples you liked.

There are even favored root-trees, that make good saplings for which to attach a good branch.

I may be wrong here, but I think that grafting is actually a very old thing, and was practised in ancient greece way before 0 AD. I will check this.

In Dragon Pass I'd think there are Earth cultists that would know about grafting, and elves that can make the appletrees "genes" do a song and dance number for them, but most appletrees would be grown from seeds, and the results vary widely.

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