Clan rings

Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 11:08:00 -0400

Good day,

I had some questions about clan rings among the Orlanthi and of course I can't find my copy of King of Dragon Pass (it's got to be in one of those 30 boxes or so that we haven't unpacked since we moved dammit!) I was quite pleased to see part of an answer in the KODP Mailing List this morning i.e. the names of the seats on at least one version of the ring membership, thanks Roderick, but I have a few other questions as well.

  1. How are ring members chosen? Is it through a general moot or does the chief chose them?
  2. If 13 is the traditional size of rings (that being an Orlanthi all of course) are some members on the inner ring and some on the outer? Do most clans have an outer and inner ring?

I'm sure the answers are all in those damn boxes somewhere but I don't anticipate unpacking the rest of the boxes anytime soon.



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