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Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 08:59:36 -0700

Mike Dawson :

>The Gamesmaster thinks to himself: All the material of Glorantha has been
>presented to the world as a jumble of self-contradiction that apparantly
>denies One Truth on its face.

That's right. When we as earthly mortals can fully comprehend Divine Nature, and the transcendent mystical truths of our world, then we will understand those of Glorantha. Why would you expect it to be any different?

>This is the only way I could keep looking seriously at Gloranthan
>contradiction. There is a Higher, Ultimate Truth in MY Glorantha. There
>should be one in YOUR Glorantha.

I'm not sure I'm reading you entirely fairly, however -

Are you're telling me that philosophy in my glorantha _aught_ to be a compromised, moraly partisan, cheap parody of earthly philosophy. I'm not supposed to run a Glorantha which contains the same moral dilemas and philosophical contradictions as the real world. If so, why?

Nils Weinander :

>> That's worse, then. It implies we have _direct_ access to the
>> ultimate religious truth of the created world,
>Of course we have.

Nils, let's suppose for a moment that the ultimate religious truths of Glorantha are the same as those of the real world. Please explain what they are to me, in clear and unambiguous terms, so that I can apply them in my game.

Simon Hibbs

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #60

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