Re: The Glorantha Digest V8 #56

From: robert darvall <>
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2000 15:21:03 +1100

Mr Oddy?
> Depends how big a stead is, I suppose. The only whole animal I've
> seen in pieces was a pig and that provided enough meat to feed a
> family for months.

 Eh? Having reduced a fair few animals to bits for domestic comsumption I can tell you that 1 pig lasts a family of 4 large lads, 1 large lass & 2 parental types about 1 week & thats with all the fixin's.

>if the Orlanthi (Praxians, etc.)

>stopped believing in it, the broos and such would cease to exist.

Big word that *just*.Particularly as the evidence keeps swarming out of the Hollow or Dorastor to reconvince the unbelieving. But why would the Broo etc vanish? The Kralori view of these phenomena (as far as my limitted understanding goes) would not deny the immediate existance of the beast but puts it in a box the Orlanthi don't even own & vice versa.


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