Re: Metaphysic

From: Nils Weinander <>
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2000 08:44:06 +0200

Me & Simon:
> >> That's worse, then. It implies we have _direct_ access to the
> >> ultimate religious truth of the created world,
> >
> >Of course we have.
> Nils, let's suppose for a moment that the ultimate religious truths
> of Glorantha are the same as those of the real world. Please explain
> what they are to me, in clear and unambiguous terms, so that I can
> apply them in my game.

OK, that was a rather sweeping statement, but you miss the point: we define Glorantha, including its religious truths. That's not to say that anybody, even Greg, could define all of them in excruciating detail at once. As explained in a previous post, I don't expect the definitions to be "complete".

Nils Weinander
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