Re: Interesting metaphysics

Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 08:49:14 +0100

>I don't think you should class the metaphysics of an imaginary
>universe as more interesting than the ones of the real world...
>(if "metaphysics of the real world" is something one can say)

So Gloranthan metaphysics can't be more interesting, because the real world may not have any metaphysics? That's rather odd. Then again, there are many, many more things that do not exist than do, so they have the advantage of numbers...

What do we mean by metaphysics, anyway? If physics are the rules of the universe, then metaphysics are the rules that those rules obey. I don't know what that means (sa you say, if it has meaning) for the real world, but for the for Glorantha (from a theistic perspective) it would be myth. Things happen because the myths say they happened. Fire rises because it is a sky element. Darkness inhabits caves because it's closer to the underworld. From a Malkioni perspective, the laws are there by the will of the Creator, so the Invisible God *is* Gloranthan metaphysics.

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