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From: Mikko Rintasaari <>
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 11:32:58 +0300

:Keith replies to my cry for knowledge.
:But realistically, all you need to know is observed effects of said
:'chaos'. Even to a broo, all he needs to know is what *he* thinks he
:should do because he 'knows' he is chaotic. Dragonsnails do not
:understand the fundamental nature of chaos, why does the Narrator need
:to understand it (apologies to Narrators for comparing them with
:Dragonsnails, or is that apologies to Dragonsnails?)

I need to know. For instanse, what if a sorcerous westener starts experimenting on using Chaos to power his spells, instead of energy shunted in from the sorcery plane? How does this work, and how will it effect him/her?

: More from me:
: <<I like to know as much as I can of chaos. It's one of the major primal
: energies and components of Glorantha, and very important for the GM to
: understand.>>
:In what way is it important? Answering my own question, it might be
:important if the super-plot twist involves some revelation about the
:nature of the universe, but I am in solid agreement with Mike Dawson
:that the Ultimate Truth should be the preserve of the Narrator alone.

My players definitely don't read the Glorantha source books, unless I spesifically clear some passages as readable. The source books tend to have way too much objective material, and I generally have to rewrite them to a cultural format for the players.

An example why I think it's important for me to understand the nature of Chaos. In my campain there was a western sorcerer, some ninety years old. An experienced magus, who had gotten his hands on a crystal from the far east (Prax) with a bound Spirit of Law.   He studied the strange demon for decades, and also studied the curious relation it seemed to have with the disorderly energy the Borists call Chaos. This wizard ended up travelling east, to find the source of these strange demons, and to see the enviroment that had spawned them.   He ended up in Snakepipe Hollow. By now he had trapped the spirit of law on the end of his wizards staff, in a silver tetraedr (a 3D law rune). He had notice the strong polarity between this demon of Law and chaos.

To shorten the story, the wizard took residense in a cave in the hollow. The nearer he got to the Worm, the stronger the flow of energy he could draw from the polarity between the Demon of Law and the Chaotic energies behind the rock wall.

He learned to master the chaotic creatures of the area (a small part of the hollow) by overcoming them with spells, and implanting small silver law runes into their foreheads (there's obviously more to it than that).

His research was getting along nicely, when a group of player characters came along...


I wonder if that clarified why I want to understand how Glorantha works on a somewhat deeper level?


I think I think... Therefore I think I am.

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #63

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