Being outside the system

From: Mike Dawson <>
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2000 10:44:28 -0400

Sorry, I pulled this out of Sergi's response. I missed the original.
> Alex and John...

>>> Goedel's Incompleteness Theorem demonstrated that there are always
>>> some things within a given system that cannot be proven - within a
>>> given world, we cannot prove nor disprove anything without going
>>> outside the system - which in most cases is impossible.

For me, the key phrase here is "outside the system".

That's where ALL of us are!

As a GM, each of us has the priviledge and position to decide how each of our Gloranthas ACTUALLY, REALLY works.

And we should.

Determine How the World Was Created, If One Magical System is True, The Nature of Evil....whatever is important to the underpinnings of your game. The deep underpinnings.

Then figure out how this affects the questions your PCs will be questing about in the Wars.

If your game has consistancy and depth, it becomes more evocative. My favorite moments as a player or a GM are when a PC takes bits of widely distributed information and sticks them together in a way that provides new insight into the world. For that to happen, there has to be something behind the curtain for them to discover.

I've played in worlds where the GM (Greg Maples) took the time to work out important philosophical matters of the highest order, and it made a huge difference in his game, and in the way his world worked.

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