noble rot etc

From: David Cake <>
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2000 01:24:20 +0800

Dave Pearton wrote:
>Obgloranthan wine: Can anyone suggest a winegrowing region or culture in
>Glorantha that has a good enough relationship to Mee Vorala/ the Vorulans
>to promote the benificial "Botrytis" fungus sprits in their vinyards?
>i.e. Where in Glorantha are the Trokenberenauslesse (I always screw up the
>spelling of that ;) or "Noble Late Harvests" produced? That would be a
>truely magical wine for most gloranthans. Maybe somewhere on the shadow

        I don't think its that magical - rather than the Mee Voralans/Vorulans you could probably get away with just a few sacrifices to the particular spirit. I don't think people who make honey or mead need to have ever met Gorakiki bee worshippers either. The Mee Voralans don't content themselves with just a little bit of rot on the grapes - they make their wine out of pure fungus, the mushroom wine mentioned in Cults of Prax, seemingly of great significance in the nomad social order (cult rank determines how much you are entitled to).

        (I highly recommend De Bertoli Noble One as an Australian botrytis wine that is like nectar of the gods)



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