Yelm debate

From: Mikko Rintasaari <>
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2000 00:12:44 +0300

:No it's not; I asked Mikko what the objective nature of the sun was,
:and he said (with provisos as to the difficulty of the question,
:certainly) it was the Yelmic one. Now, if the subjective Yelmic
:truth, and the objective truth are identical (give or take), explain to
:me how different subjective truths _aren't_ inferior, in a
:straightforward logical sense? To wit, doesn't this mean that an
:Elmali is at best "less correct", and at worst completely off his head?
:If it's not, I'm either misunderstanding Mikko, or grasping the full
:consequences of his argument correctly, so clarifications welcome.

This is not how it seems to me. I think Yelm is the emperor of the Sun tribe, and may also be the strongest claimant for the name to put on the ball of fire up there. But how does this make the Elmali inferior?

Elmal used to be a warror of the Sun tribe, but these days he is Orlanth's loyal friend and thane, and wields the powers of the sun for the orlanthi.

If the orlanthi believe that Yelm is bound to his eternal duty, never to weaver from his path, is it not better to worship Elmal, who is a true and honorable wielder of the Suntribes power?

The sun will be up in the sky no matter what you think. Elmal is a God who wields solar powers of light and fire. I think the fireball up there is the old emperor Yelm, being guarded by Elmal as he passes over Orlanth's lands.

[The above is tought out while wearing my orlanthi hat, I admit. And a Vormaini, questing to see the sungod would not call him Yelm or Elmal. But the basic powers of their sungod would still be light and heat, since that is part of the core reality of the sun.]

        -Adept : tired and somewhat confused. Sorry.

I think I think... Therefore I think I am.

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