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From: Peter Larsen <>
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 08:57:45 -0500

Oliver Bernuetz says:

>As far as paper production goes they might make a special fine paper used
>in their "reading rooms". Cleans up messes, and shows their contempt for
>living things at the same time. (Of course I don't really mean fine paper,
>probably more like the quality you used to find in East German public
>before the Berlin wall fell). Of course steam powered bidets have potential
>as well....

        This brings up a valuable point. Only something like 1% of paper produced today is used for books. The rest is used for toilet paper, cleaning supplies, cardboard and other packaging, office paper and so on. This is one reason why wood pulp was not used for paper extensively until the 19th C.; there just wasn't need for it. I also liked the idea that any Mostali written language should be readable by touch (punch card readers seem just a tad advanced, though).

Topi Pitkanen says:

>Firstly I'm from Finland - that is to say I live in a country where
>paper-industry has been and still is nationally important. That partially
>explains why I would like there to be a paperfactory in Glorantha.
>I'd want the paperfactory to be a small devilish detail, nothing major.

        It is your Glorantha, after all.

>Secondly I appriciated Peter Larsens original writing-in-glorantha-posting.


>I presume turning wood into paper and stuff costs next to nothing to the
>dwarves. The only costs come from getting the wood. (Since we're talking
>mostali: "labour" does not coun't among costs;)

        Now there's an interesting idea. Mostali seem to get set up as little capitalists -- obsessed with money, profit, etc. But there society, as we've seen it, is a sort of totalitarian socialism -- to each according to his needs; from each according to his abilities, and you will be told what your abilities are.

>Dragon Pass might produce all the paper mostali need in Glorantha. In my
>the mostali paper is never blanc. It is allways produced with millimeter
>or hexagons (for maps) and other features needed for mostali teaching and

        Then Mostali would also have fairly advanced printing technologies (not something I like), unless there is a sub-caste of Dwarves who do nothing but rule paper day in and day out.

>And necessary
>information is constantly given to not-yet-ready-to-work dwarves to digest
>(possibly quite literally).
>I think that the major product made from the groundwood is the DWARFFOOD!
>Yes, they use solvents and chemicals and turn the cellulose into starch
>containing extra vitamins and minerals. No wonder dwarffood tastes like

        An even more aweful idea than pressboard. Sigh.

Peter Larsen

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #71

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