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From: James Frusetta <>
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 02:53:46 +0000

Peter Larsen wrote:

> I had had been thinking in these directions as well. I don't think any of
>the Elder Races need to be literate. <snip>
Actually, from what I understand from Greg, most uz really *aren't* literate, and the whole written Darktongue thing will be Gregged sooner or later. Gleep. (Though, who knows, this may not have lasted). As you suggested, there's not as much motivation for them to use written transmission of knowledge.

On the flip side, writing probably does exist in certain aspects outside the Cult of Kyger Litor central hierarchy -- those groups which lack the abililty to summon up ancestors as easily (a point which might be contentious). Suberites, for example, since it's a good "secretly thing." And uzuz.

But, damn it, for the *true* MGF, it's the Zorak Zorani that are literate! Yes, bereft of their spirit-tossing shaman womenfolk, the Zorak Zorani huddle around their lead textbooks to transmit knowledge on. Few humans have gazed on the horror of the Great Zorak Zorani Temple at Cliffhome, and it's monstrous Great Troll Overdue-Book Enforcer Squad. The terror!

I think for the pure cosmic irony of it all, it'd be quite nice to see more literate Zorak Zorani than Humakti, really... [Yes, of course, the ZZites have their own spirits and ways to pass on knowledge (the undead, if nothing else). I just hate them damn Hoomakti].


Julian Lord wrote

> >ZZ "is not a descendant of KL" and "can't be a troll" is just a
> >GodLearnerism, and should be dumped. When ZZ was born, the
> >difference between Uz and non-Uz was essentially non-existent.
> In the Black Age, 'non-Uz' was AFAIK non-existent 'in' Glorantha.

Not necessarily -- there *were* non-Uz in the Black Age, because we know that Dehore and other weird spooky things lived in Wonderhome, and they don't seem to be proper uz -- they're something else. As are the children of Swems, Molakka, Gorakiki, et. al. While they're some of the, as it were, home boys of hell, they're not precisely "uz."

> Also why men can become Uz ?

Why, no men *become* uz -- they were uz all along. No, I mean this seriously -- what they're doing is proving to Kyger Litor that they are her descendants, and thus always *were* uz and are now simply affirming this. I'm a firm believer that kinship and descent is *not* l iterally true among uz -- it is perfectly possible to "prove" that you are the descendant of a particular ancestor, even if it's mundanely impossible. The glory of heroquesting for the family tree.

Since Zorak Zoran is manifestly *not* a troll -- he's not descended from Kyger Litor -- this is sometimes a source of strength for the cult. A Death Lord can basically tell his entire family back to Kyger Litor to piss off, and he actually retains his powers and abilities! (His descendants won't, however, because "being a troll" actually does turn out to necessitate worshipping Kyger Litor, Greg sez.) The OOO's ability to prove uz/not-uz was obviously even more useful.

It's possible that ZZ could be "proven" to be a troll, but I don't think trolls are necessarily bothered by it, really -- Dehori aren't uz, but trolls have no problems letting their daughters marry them, as it were. Plus, then the ZZi have to be a "good son," and lose a big source of power within uz society.

IMO, there's *lots* of uz-other darkness race crossbreeding and adoption out there (the source of certain demons, the various Uz "hsunchen", the winged uz, and possibly others). So some of this can get a bit strange -- Gorakiki-"Bee" *and* Kyger Litor are the primal mothers of the Bee Tribe.

Benedict Adamson wrote:

>I thought they might use scrolls made from beaten lead, with the
>writing punched or deeply scratched on the surface and read with the
>finger tips. When rolled up, the scroll forms a lead cylinder, which
>nicely represents the darkness rune. Troll scrolls would, of course,
>be terribly heavy. Just as well trolls are strong and wouldn't want
>people taking their books, eh?

Alternatively, since the *really* important "books" need to be permanent, and there's all that lovely cave wall space, just carve it on. As a plus, you can laugh yourself silly when the hoomans show up to steal the "magic scroll" and are faced with either chiseling off a six-ton slab of rock and carting it off, or spend hours making "rubbings" of the thing.

Lead "slates" that can be punched/scratched would be a possibility: for the posh uz of certain regions wax slates are a good possibility, too. Plus, they're more easily reusable. And cheaper.

James Frusetta

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