Les Erudits de l'Ambigu

From: Julian Lord <julian.lord_at_wanadoo.fr>
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2000 12:20:41 +0200

ANNOUNCEMENT !! We are pleased to announce the imminent publication of the new French HeroWars and Glorantha fanzine, "Les Erudits de l'Ambigu".

We seek to give French Hero Wars players immediately useful material for the game, and "Les Erudits de l'Ambigu" strives for excellence in all areas : Adventures! Hero Bands! Short Form Cults! The Editors strivee to turn the Gloranthan needs of all French roleplayers into enjoyable roleplaying experiences! And help Issaries Inc and Multisim sell lots of Hero Wars books!

Issue Number One contains :

        Translations of Culbrean Material from Ye Booke of Tentacles :

            The Culbrea Tribe
                    History of the Culbrea
                    The Tribal Counsel
                    Map of the Tribe
                    Clan of the Tribe

            The Gwandor Clan

        New Hero Wars Keywords for the Gwandor Clan

        The Gwandor Saga

        Eau vive, an Adventure!

        The cult of Malia

        Erudite Visions : Gloranthan gourds

        Hero Wars character sheet

        Who is Argrath ?

        And last (but by no means least) :
            Our reprint of the amazing adventures of
            Danold Duck, Part One !
                No Gloranthan completist should miss
                out on Danold Duck !

Beautifully illustrated throughout, our 48 page zine is on sale for 20 French francs, and will be launched at the Parisian "Monde du jeu" RPG convention, where the team will also be organising Hero wars demos with Multisim.

We will soon have a Web site giving more information about the zine.

Buy "Les Erudits de l'Ambigu" !!

If you live in France, you can have it for 28 French Francs (20 Francs plus postage).

Otherwise, contact :

        Norest Benjamin
        74 Rue des Vignoles
        75020 Paris

Or e-mail him at norest_at_cybercable.fr

                        The Editors
                                Nicolas Perpere
                                Norest Benjamin
                                Julian Lord


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