RE: Figure out the Big Questions for yourselves

From: Phil Hibbs <>
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2000 23:07:04 +0100

Mike Dawson:
>If GMs don't bother to figure out the Big Questions for themselves,
>then those GMs have no Big Answers for heroes to discover. Those
>games will be the poorer for it.

Have you also decided who is going to win? Is the Elven forest going to dominate the world? Is half the continent going to get flooded? Will the Red Moon be torn down, or will it complete it's seventh transformation into it's final, permanent form? I see these questions as being in the same category as "What's the Truth". If you want to decide them, then that's fine, if that's the kind of game that you want to run. I don't want the decisions made for me, and for them to be the same in everyone's campaign and every novel. And neither does Greg, so it ain't going to happen.


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