Re: Humakti

From: Julian Lord <>
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 10:52:11 +0200

Andrew Larsen :

> 1) Are Humakti legally related to anyone?

Most Humakti, yes IMO. A minority made up of his Swords and his godi, as well as some of his more fanatic devotees, or the personally devoted might not be, if they were also unmarried. IMO they would have to re-enact the Severance of Kin ritual/HQ before society would consider them kinless.

A wife or child of a Humakti remains kin even IF their husband or father has severed himself from his bloodline, IMO

Also note that a Humakti could join another clan/bloodline even after having performed the ritual (most probably through marriage).

And he could start his own bloodline/clan.

> 2) Can they inherit property from a relative?

Yes, unless they have performed a Severance ritual involving that relative. If so, it would not be done normally, though exceptions might take place.

They can inherit property from a wife or child, if some tragedy occurs.

> Can they will property to a relative?

Of course, if they have one. And to a non-relative, even though such arrangements would be much frowned upon (unless to King, Hero Band, Clan, or the like), and might not be executed or considered legal.

> 3) Let's say that Joe Humakti and Bill Orlanthi are brothers. Bill is
> killed in a dispute by John Uroxi. Is Joe obligated to avenge Bill by
> starting a blood feud?

There is no such *obligation* anyway, except in some of the more bloodthirsty War Clans, Hero Bands, Criminal Rings, etc... IMO

However, Joe would have the legal right to start such a blood feud only if Bill hadn't severed himself from his kin. If he had, then Bill now belongs to Humakt, as he himself wanted to...

> Likewise, if Bill kills John's brother, can
> John kill Joe to get vengence?

John can do what he likes in any case.

But, if Bill had Severed himself from Joe, killing Joe for something Bill did would be murder. John might do it anyway ...

And John could even be unaware that any ritual Severance ever occured, and might make an honest mistake.

Even so, Joe and Bill's sister Mary Vingan would be perfectly entitled to start her own blood feud against John, and Bill might involve himself too, for good measure.

Starting blood feuds against the brothers of fanatic Humakti Death Lords is probably a bad idea. All Orlanthi tend to forget about the letter of the Law when their brothers are murdered, even IF the murderer's an Uroxi berserker like John...

Julian Lord

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