Humakti kin

Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 18:44:06 EDT

Julian Lord writes:

<< A wife or child of a Humakti remains kin even IF their husband or father has severed himself from his bloodline, IMO

Also note that a Humakti could join another clan/bloodline even after having performed the ritual (most probably through marriage).

For Arkat to be accepted by the Heortlings as the "son" of Death, Death must be able to create life, and marry or at engender children. But this may be a strange myth, indeed.
Of course, death is necessary for life-- is it still humakt if it is a blood sacrifice to the earth? And dead men do have children, because they may lie with their wives before they die in battle. For that matter, ghosts are frequently enough encountered in RW mythology as fathers. A husband might be "proved" by a wife to have returned from the underworld to father a child on a childless widow. Perhaps the wife of a Humakti has to ask Ty Kora Tek to bring her husband to her in order that they might be fertile? It sounds like woman's magic. Most women would not have the ability or desire to perform such magic and would divorce a Humakt devotee, I think. But it might be one of those things that is "not possible, but necessary" from time to time. I'm not sure if a woman who follows Humakt is a "wife" at all. At least as the Orlanthi see it: her loss of earth magics is a loss of fertility. She must become a crone in law and in reality. Crones can make love, but they would be infertile. A reversal of this might be temporarily possible, but that might have to be man's magic.
- --Jeff E

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