Re: Humakti

From: robert darvall <>
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 13:45:55 +1100

 Andrew Larsen
> I don't think that Humakti severence is the same thing
> as being legally dead. That opens up all sorts of problems. For >example, what's to stop a Humakti from committing crimes? If someone >is legally dead, how can they be prosecuted for something? How can a >dead man pay wergild? And if death is as important to Humakti as you >say it is, why don't they go all the way and commit ritual suicide?

My take. The Humakti is not dead. The Orlanthi, Uroxi, Whateveri that used to occupy that body is most definitely expired. Joe Humakti is still kickin'. Joe Orlanthi, brother to Bill, has been dead some time. Which raises the spirit of reprisal issue. Does devoting oneself to Humakt negate the SoR's of the previous cult? After all that cult's devotee has died not left.


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