Re: Humakti

From: Alexandre Lanciani <>
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 10:38:33 +0200

        Just my two bolgs' worth on a very interesting discussion:

From: Andrew Larsen <>

> I don't think that Humakti severence is the same thing
> as being legally dead. That opens up all sorts of problems. For example,
> what's to stop a Humakti from committing crimes?

        Beside honor (something that all Humakti should strive to have)? I think the lack of social protection: he severed his ties with his family, so there is no one to back him. Of course, what would stop a very powerful and accomplished Humakti from doing whatever he wants? The fact that is not an antisocial berserk Uroxi, frex. So in this case the honor restriction would apply. And if it does not, then he'd be a fallen Humakti and the other Humakti would want to stop him. They have a reputation to defend, after all!

> If someone is legally
> dead, how can they be prosecuted for something? How can a dead man pay
> wergild?

        He can't. So if he commits a crime, the only way he can pay for it is to be hunted down and killed. The same applies to outlaws IMO.

> And if death is as important to Humakti as you say it is, why
> don't they go all the way and commit ritual suicide?

        Because that wouldn't be a honorable death!

> I like this idea of the cult being the new kin for Humakti, but it
> doesn't really work within your system. If the person is dead to everyone
> else, why is he alive to other Humakti? Presumably Humakti would have more
> interest in treating their fellows as dead, not less.

        Why? I don't think the Humakti care much about this distinction, except of course when something which is dead acts as if alive (e.g., undead). IMO this is something that has more to do with legal status in Heortling society.

        Of course, there are ways for Humakti to re-enter society, and that is through adoption as strangers, frex. Or through a personal bond with the chief. Again, the parallel with outlaws springs to my mind, but I don't want to compare Humakti to outlaws... It's just that their social position seems to me very similar, though I'm ready to corrected! ;)

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