Humakt the Champion

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Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 18:34:02 +0200

The Glorantha Digest schrieb:

Ian Thomson:

> Lots of great info on Humakt

Yeah - nice thread

> about it being bad luck to have a Humakti sit
> at your hearth if there was a pregnant woman there

I think they both *just* feel very uncomfortable. I do not think it would a sign of bad luck.

> I imagine that pregnancy could be pretty common, and that therefore
> this idea means that Humakti can't sit at hardly any hearths, ever!

He can sit at Orlanth's (the chief`s) table anytime! He is the champion, honourable death-wielder.

>Actually I like that idea, the 'touch' one.

I think everybody doesn't feel comfortable when they will be touched by a Humakti. The actual *bad* feel of such a touch will increase with the devotion of the Humakti. Hey, they can scare people to death with their grim faces!

Graham Robison:

> the person a Humakti *WAS*
> is legally dead. The person he is now is legally alive. They just have no
> connection.

Yeah - important clarification. Works for me.

Alexandre Lanciani :

> Beside honor (something that all Humakti should strive to have)? I
> think the lack of social protection: he severed his ties with his
> family, so there is no one to back him.

I do not think I agree here. After Humakt severed his tie to his kin Orlanth found a new way and welcomed Humakt as the Champion back in his hall. Humakti will receive back up from their clan and society - they just do not have family anymore.

But I think there will be a difference between Humakt Devotees and mere Initiates - with the later be able to have family etc.

I think when Humakt`s call is heard by someone at the battlefield or in a tragic situation (cool ideas, John !) and he/she(!?) becomes devoted to death - then trouble starts. I guess a lot of Humakti`s lost their kin one or the other way before the devoted themself, then Humakt may offer peace to a troubled soul. Humakt may provide solance to a soul in pain.


End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #84

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