Re: Brass Monkeys, yet

Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 18:22:45 EDT

Gary Switzer:

<< >Doesn't help real people get a feel for the climate though...

 In regards to having the weather described in game terms. That's what God made NPC's for. If the Innkeeper or Steadholder comes in stamping his feet and saying "Better
 bundle up, lads, it's brass monkeys for sure." your players will have some idea that it's colder than usual. Do they really need to know what "usual" is? >>

     Yes, it would certainly be useful for them to do so.

<< Prolly not.>>

     I disagree.

<< I find that most players just want to know if the weather is too bad to
go where they want to go. >>

     Even were that the case, *I* don't know whether is too bad for them to get where they're going if I have no guidelines about what the weather is supposed to be like. Precise numbers for this kind of thing are always good in RPG supplements, IMO. OTOH, chances are HW won't do this, unfortunately.

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