Re: Humakt the Champion

From: Alexandre Lanciani <>
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 10:51:55 -0700

Fabian Kuechler:

> Graham Robison:

>> the person a Humakti *WAS*
>> is legally dead. The person he is now is legally alive. They just have no
>> connection.

> Yeah - important clarification. Works for me.

    For me too, in fact:

> Alexandre Lanciani :

>> Beside honor (something that all Humakti should strive to have)? I
>> think the lack of social protection: he severed his ties with his
>> family, so there is no one to back him.

> I do not think I agree here. After Humakt severed his tie to his kin Orlanth
> found a new way and welcomed Humakt as the Champion back in his hall. Humakti
> will receive back up from their clan and society - they just do not have
> family anymore.

    No, you agree with me (at least I think so). ;-) That is, I think that a Humakti (as he is legally dead) is outside normal Heortling society, but that doesn't mean he can't reenter society, in a different role, just as a stranger can be adopted into a clan. There is no one to back him until he finds someone: he gets no legal protection from his family (though they may still help him, if only because he still *looks* like their son [think of Martin Laurie's story about the coming home of Onslaught]), but he might get it from the chief, his lord.

> But I think there will be a difference between Humakt Devotees and mere
> Initiates - with the later be able to have family etc.


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