Gloranthan scripts

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2000 10:13:01 +1300

Alex Ferguson:

>We know that Pelanda had (and to some extent doubtless still has)
>a script based on glyphs (probably logographic).

         "The ideograms was the original writing system of
         Pelanda and was eventually superseded for daily
         usage by the simply and more flexible Dara Happan
         script.  Nevertheless the ideograms were still used
         in temple buildings because most people could not
         read anyway, but could recognize the most important
         (or perhaps most repeated) symbols of their own
         important deities."
                 Entekosiad p96.

>Greg seems to
>imply that kralori is either logographic or syllabic, and I'd suspect
>the other eastern scripts were at least _vaguely_ related, at least
>to the point of being non-alphabetic. The Doraddi I don't know about,
>but I'd be amazed if they had an alphabetic script.

Tishamto and/or the Artmali might have had some sort of script but I don't think either the Doraddi or the Veldang would know it now.

>Anyone else spring
>to mind that's conspicuously literate, independent from all of the above?

Fonrit, Teleos (in the days of the Rainbow Fleet), the Masloi and perhaps the Keetelans.

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