Wretched Servitude?

From: Joe Mills <mills_at_midohio.net>
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 16:04:36 -0400

I can't believe the humans survived the troll domination of Pavis on the basis of servitude. First off, trolls have their own exhaustless supply of wretched servants in the form of trollkin.

The humans didn't stand off the trolls because of the walls of their fortifications, though. Say there were 300 inhabitants of Real City at the time of the founding of New Pavis. That simply would not be enough warriors on the walls in the event of an assault.

So either the trolls went inside the walls whenever they wanted, or they were not interested in exterminating the humans. Or both.

Inside Real City, the humans could escape to the dwarven tunnels or the Pavis temple. In Mani's fort, they could escape to the Green Age. I assume the other settlements had refuges sufficiently trollproof, too, except Iffinbix. The humans probably did not contest the walls, but just holed up at night or in times of danger. Also, during the day, it was probably (relatively) safe in the rubble. Safe enough to hunt or fish and provide meager meals for all.

On the other hand, from a trollish perspective, you've got all this game holed up so it can't get away. Do it right, and you've got centuries of entertainment. By practicing a little enlightened human husbandry, you can weed out the dangerous ones and let enough of the herd survive to breed some more fun for later.

"Ugthor, see that? There's a band of the runties down by the river."
"Hmmmm. Ok, let's bag the tall one with the spear and just scare the others

However you envision it, I bet the troll occupation would make a great campaign.


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