Humakt and Fertility

From: Simon Hibbs <>
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 04:26:45 -0700

David Cake :

>FWIW I think that there are many different approaches to Humakts
>worship, not all of which result in drastically decreased fertility.
>There are probably some (probably esrolian) which, concentrating on
>other symbolism of the sword, have effects somewhat in the opposite

I agree with David.

I don't think either worshiping, or even being devoted to Humakt automaticaly makes you infertile, or likely to induce stillbirths.

I do think that assuming certain Humakti magics, or performing certain heroquests may well have these effects. For example, using the Truesword Stroke might make the character a bad person for pregnant woment to be around for a month or two. Of course if a pregnant woman sees a humakti coming her way, is she realy going to take the risk that he's safe to be around right now?

This does make things more complicated, but I don't think we have to get too hung up about it. Suffice to say that many people consider Humakti to be bad JuJu in many ways, and that these prejudices have a rough foundation in fact. As a GM I certainly wouldn't impose such effects on players without due warning, after all Humakti are likely to know the consequences of their own magic and take it into account.

Simon Hibbs

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