Write Heortling(s).

From: Alex Ferguson <abf_at_cs.ucc.ie>
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 16:34:01 +0100 (BST)

Jeff Richard:

> My apologies - I should have been more precise. I believe that the
> Heortlings currently possess at least two scripts. One, an indigenous
> restricted script used primarily for sacred, decorative, and limited
> record-keeping purposes. This script predates the Dawn and I do not believe
> it is borrowed (Greg's comment notwithstanding).
> The second script, I think is an alphebetic system based on the Malkioni
> system but employing several modified Orlanthi runes. It is far from common
> (outside of the cities of Hendrikiland). I agree with Alex that rural
> lawspeakers are unlikely to use this script. Finally, there might be other
> scripts known or once known to the Orlanthi.

OK, that sounds pretty logical. I'd only add the further quibble that the first "script" doesn't sound to me like a script in the sense we'd understand it today. You couldn't write down a myth (in verbatim form), or the text of a saga, or the details of a recipe for blutfisk in it, not just because you'd be stoned for sacrilege, but because the native script just don't have the generality of expression in it. i.e., stress on the "restricted". (Hence the existence of the "borrowed" script, for such (wicked and immoral) purposes.)

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