Dart War

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Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 20:54:39 +0900

Validity of Dart War: 1640ST, Tarsh: Interview with most famous critic about War of Lunar

One Officer of Red Army: So, Dart War competitor cannot hire Blue Moon Assassin for contest? Your Highness? Why? I think they are half independent and hired for some specialized magical reward?

Fazzur Wideread: Yes. Without exception and immense sum of fee, they are working for only Empire and their own problems. Once Harrek the Berserk knew about this condition and his Pride about Battle abused for Imperial Dirty Politics and Intrigue, he left forever from List of Volunteer Fighters.

:So do you suggest Blue Moonies cannot participate in the List? Or only they
have not ability to open combat under rule?

:Yes as we Yanafali. You know well the reason why Ceremonial Combat which
decadant civilzation
causes subdued before Sheng Seleris' Brutality. For example, Western Cavalry are highly sophisticated Ceremonial Combat Tradition which made their heavy cavalry made their usefulness to Footsoldier's Polearms in "Non Magical Circumstance". I think correlation among Guerilla Tactics and Assasination Arts and Ceremonial Combat.

:What means the phrase "Non Magical Circumstance"? We are taught again and
again about Overwhelming Civilized Power of Kitor won Sheng...

:Lunar College of Magic once assumed the Dimension without any magic except
Gloranthan "Base" Circumstance derived from Idea of remnant of GL scripts, In this circumstance, Old Culture cannot win Young in Energy and Willpower for Life in Non Magical Circumstances, "Magic" means method of contacting Other Side Entity in Glorantha. If not so, Miracle never occured in History.

:But there is no such circumstance in Glorantha (I cannot imagine such awful
situation), some school of Mysticism taught about "Garden of Seduction" as other worlds. Do you suggest about Humakti?

:You know well about attitude Storm Tribe expert about One on One fight,
they abandoned many EWF teachings as Draconic Abomination such as War Strategy and Tactics unless we cannot count recent Brown-Eagle. We cannot become same good fighter in same time training and Quest as Humakti, Duke Yanafal was Humakti but he gained something with sacrificing other thing. And Magic often made against Easterner's Concept about Cycle of Life and Civilization. Lunar Heroquest suchas Seven Mothers' experiment were set of Time Reverse to before Cosmic Comprimise, Easterners cannot see barrier between before and after Yelm and Orlanatus made contract in Underworld. We can see this barrier as Mirror of Both Dimension.

:I should think about it more. What about connection of Blue Navy and Blue
Moon Cult?

:You know well about Lunar Empire has been basically set in Surface
Military. And Blue Moon Cultist relatively admits loose connection among Many Mulfunctionized System of Empire of Navy, Jakareeli and Trollish Kingdom, if not so, Empire can more easily subdue Sartar Rebellion and Kallyr at End of EWF and God Learner Empire. If we cannot believe our way, always winners are "Hard" barbarians Sheng and Whitebull.

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