From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 11:02:03 +1300

Terra Incognita:

>but in Gaming Terms, [Antigodhood] doesn't mean weaking in Power

At some level it does. Just as a vampire sacrifices his immortal soul for worldly power, evil mystics do likewise with their transcendent understanding. Whether players should give up their character is really determined by the campaign that one follows.

>But [Antigodhood] maybe simply mean moving from One Mystical Sect
>to Another and they are called "Heretical Antigodhood" blamed from
>other sects.

I don't think so. One could easily change schools before enlightenment (in HW terms, when the Hero can learn powers) and I do know that Daruda did a Gautama and sampled from many such schools until he discovered the Cosmic Dragon. Yet nobody considers him an Antigod

>I have many Stock of Questions and Answers between you and Whose Name
>means Ignorant, (they are limited to Gloranthan Religion and Political
>connection of Adjoining Lands without some exception.)

Ask away.

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