Runic Polarities

From: Julian Lord <>
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 09:29:04 +0100

John :

> There are two issues here for me; one is exactly how polarized "The Ten
> Ancient Polarities" actually are.

A can of worms, and a very interesting topic !

> That is, the opposed runes of
> Harmony :: Disorder
> Movement :: Stasis
> Fertility :: Death
> Truth :: Illusion
> Cosmos (Law) :: Chaos
> Given that these are Celestial Court powers, and that they "balance or
> contest to shape existence",

I don't believe that it's so simple : IMO those dualities would have come into being in several different ways, not all in the same way. Frinstance, I believe that Uleria was originally uninvolved in duality, but that she transcended her own unity to become the duality of lover and loved (as shorthand for a wider concept) thereby giving birth to Separation and ultimately Death.

I've not thought far enough about them, but I'd assume that the dualities could occur as twin creations, as devolutions, as crashings together, as a marriage, or in several other ways : and that each of these ten major powers should have its own, specific origin and relationship with its double, unlike any of the others.

Necessary really from a structural POV, because of the primacy of these powers. Each has to be a unique thing in its own right, as well as part of a dichotomy IMO.

Also, they are Predark, including IMO Cosmos, but not Truth (and perhaps not Death)

> BTW, has anyone had a close look at the new runes for Makabaeus (HW 81)? Is
> his Rune *really* a capital M and two golden arches? There are mysteries
> here, deep and abiding. :) It certainly explains "living under desperate
> conditions".

John's right ! but no doubt, everyone's looked, and noticed the "Curse of Rotted Food" in that write-up ...

Julian Lord

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