Western fruitloops

From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_bigfoot.com>
Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2000 12:21:04 +1300

Peter Larsen:

> >If there such a thing, I suspect the Perfecti are it. Certainly they
> >appear to be mystics of some stripe, since they avoid the use of magic.

>Definitely; it fits the Cathar model well.

The Perfecti aren't really Cathar-clones as they don't acknowledge a secondary status of believers but think that all should become Perfecti and martyr themselves. One could attempt to establish a Cathari-style community but I prefer to leave that to the actions of PC-heroes.

>Although, there are so
>many bizarre European sects in the 14th C, it seems a pity not to adapt
>them -- flagellents,

Already in there as the World of Losers movement (worshippers of Arkat the Martyr (Glorantha Intro p60).

>the Brethern of the Free Spirit,

Perhaps the City of Ebbeshal in Fonrit which:

          "...is a perverse parody of Genertelan Malkionism, but is
         so far removed from the centers of religious controversy it
         has never been labeled heresy by either of the two
         Ecclesiarchs.  The cult claims transcendental secrets which
         teach that mundane life is worthless, hence any action is
                 Missing Lands p65.

>the Lollards....

Not really so bizarre but protestants ahead of their time.

>The West, especially Ralios, should be lousy with them.

Ralios already has even more bizarre cults, such as the Borists and the Chaos Monks.

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