Gloranthan atheists (boo!)

From: Julian Lord <>
Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2000 11:40:51 +0100

Peter Metcalfe :

> Trotsky:
> >I'm not sure where you're fitting the atheists in there - the whole
> >point about them is that they don't believe God is accessible at all,
> >with or without layers of priesthood.
> Gloranthan Atheists believe that God is _impersonal_ rather than
> inaccessible.

Well, one kind of Gloranthan Atheist believes in a god or gods, even though they cannot worship him/them for whatever reason, therefore having no relation with him/them : impersonality and inaccessibility both fine reasons IMO.

Of course, the other kind simply denies his or their existence.

But we've danced this particular tango before, haven't we?

Julian Lord

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