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Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2000 11:22:10 +1100

This is sort of a "What the Hunter told me" to try & elucidate some of my ideas on the less obvious parts of Odaylan practice.

Young Braggi just asked me why we gotta kill the red fella. So I'll tell yous all. Now this ain't secret but we don't tell the mudfeet or the bounders, they don't get it. Now Orlanth he's the god of mudfeet right? Wrong, he's the God they worship he's not the god of them an' here's why. The year moves as a cycle starts at the God Weeks an' ends there. Ask any red fella he'll tell you that's how it is, just like his god; an' he's wrong. The year never ends at the same place it started, ev'ry Gods Time is new an' different, the mudfeet cut a tree an' its not there come God Time is it? Ev'rythin' changes but it sticks to the pattern. Its like you take five sticks, poke 'em inter the ground in a circle, now tie a bit of Ivy stem at the bottom of the one at the top of the circle. Call that one God Time. Now wind it Elmalwise about the sticks 'til yous get to the top. I know its not a proper circle but it would be if you put a stick in for ev'ry holy day an' ev'ry Hunt start an' end an' all the other things but I ain't got that many sticks, smartarse. Say the Ivy's how a man moves through the year. Now draw that on the ground. No it's not a fuck'n' circle, how you gunna show how it moves up the sticks? That's it an' what've yous drawn? That's why Orlanth's right an' the Red One's wrong. His cycles change an' work in with Herself. The red cycles are about the being same thing over an' over. Now nothin' thats right can be the same thing time an' again, only things that do that are them as should be dead an' ain't. Yous've all seen a zombie. Now it's dead an' can't alter itself, it can only go on doin' the same things. Yuh gotta help it change, like from bein' wandrin' about dead to being rottin' down as is right dead. An' the red fellas want us all to be part of their dead cult always doin' the same changes never any new lively ones. An' I know I ain't gunna be no red fella zombie.

>From quiet homes & first beginnings

Out to the undicovered ends
Theres nothing worth the wear of winning But laughter & the love of friends.
Hilare Belloc

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