Gnosticism and Cathari

From: Terra Incognita <>
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2000 18:48:48 +0900

It's Very simplified Understanding about Orthodox and Heresy:

First came to Trouble is Nature of Christ in Nichaea and Constantinople: In Catholic Creed:

  1. Christ is Son of God, and has nature of both God and Human. (Early Heresy of Christiandom, Nestrian, etc...)
  2. Christ once died for crucification, but revived after three days.
    (Cathari and Muslim No, Christ has only Spirit Body.)
  3. Christ knows mystery between Holy Spirit and World, and we cannot know this secret without him. (Gnosticism No)

If Heretics insists they are Catholic, they are lier for they don't believe at least one of these simple three conditions. Even Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic have fought for some difference in understanding of three teachings.

Of course, Malkion (and Arkat, Hrestol, Zzabur, Waertag, Carmanos, etc...) have not same personality to Only One and His Worshippers, but some simplified form of Creed may make many conflicts in History of Monotheists in Glorantha.

And under Judaeo-Levant Culture, we cannot ignore Old Israelite Teaching,

4) God of Old Testament and New Testament is Same, he is Almighty. (Some Sects of Gnosticism and Persian Influenced Heresy, No, Very Bad Guy of Underworld exists.)
5) We don't believe Reincarnation of Spirit before "Testament". 6) Spirit and Flesh can be distinguished. (We Ancient Easterners, No)

I don't know detailed Life of Malkion of Hrestol without very equivocal form,
(if it exists,) They knew some treachery of their disciples (Malkion to
Vadel, Zzabur. Hrestol to Seshna-Likita and Zzabur(ite).) And died for some reason (for proof of One God Miracle.) I guess some differences of Sects' understanding of their Prophet Life made themselves without any new appearances of Prophets.)

And Islam sternly stands before Christian Tradition, these are antagonized creed to Christian Religion.

  1. Muhammad is Prophet and Warrior of God, None of Son of Allah exists.
    (Maybe Malkioni thinking as same.)
  2. Caesar (or Khosroe?) and God control same Territory. (Malkioni disinguished Holy and Mundane Power.)
  3. We should keep some of Ancient Habit of Nomadic Culture, (So we don't use Idols, don't eat swines, don't drink Alcohol...)

Most of RW Monotheism is Inland Nomadic Nature, but Gloranthan Malkionism is Coastal Religion of Oceans, I see main differences (and difficulty of Understanding) are caused from this difference.

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