Gnosticism and Cathari(2)

From: Terra Incognita <>
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2000 22:07:58 +0900

As far as seeing the Friction of Judaism and GrecoRomanism made One Source of Gnosticism, Brithos and Ancient Western Continent is Judaea, other Areas of Northern Continent can be seen as Source of GrecoRoman-like Orientalism, Ralios Arkatism and Syanoran Talorism are other Edge of Monotheistic Area.

Gnosticism made from many sources of Oriental Religions such as Greek Orphics, Pythagorasians, Ophites and Persian Zoroasternism, Manichaesm. Many Manifest Worship and Esoteric Religions mingled and split into Many Different Sects each have many Outviews Which nobody of modern scholars dare to decide "the Concept of Gnosticism" with vaguely understanding "Dualism of Spirit and Flesh", (but Catholicisn also keeps Tradition of this Dualism with their conservative perspective), Prejudice.

Arkat was Traitor of Many Traditions and wreaked havoc in Middle of Continent, he also cultivated concept of Illumination as "Chaos" and spread his teaching of Stygian Heresy Banner his Empire (Maybe Involving Dark Mother Worship teaching Sorcery and Illumination only usable for the person in Charge), If Nick Brooke mentioning about Platonic-like Teaching of Stygian Autarchy can be true in similar Condition of Gene Wolfe's "Republican Autarchy" and "Severian the Lame", ideal status of rather-fixed society and oligarchy of Platonic Nation can be called "Gnostic (Truth Seeker) Nation", because RW circumstance has never permitted Gnosticism as Mainstream Religion.

In Hero Wars for against the Game System , still not explained about Cult Restriction and Power of Illumination as RQ3 and Lord of Terror, Dorastor taught. And Mystical Mind Enlightenment is Hrestoli Heresy Perfecti and Some Sects of Zzaburite Sorceror available, but who knows? Maybe God Learners are Mystics, EWF Monks can be also Mystics. Ancient Orlanthi of Lokamayanism are Mystics. In HW, many small sects of rebellus Adventurers start fighting Conservative Doctrines for their greater idealism or personal gain.

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #108

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